Max Chazen


Joined in 2011 as a Probationary Firefighter. Max held the following Positions: Firefighter, Engineer, Lieutenant, and currently Captain.

Why did you want to join the fire department:

I wanted to be a fireman since I was a young kid. I grew up next to a firehouse and had family in the fire service. When I turned 18, I joined Franklin Lakes because I had a few friends on the department, saw how often they trained, how hard they worked, and the overall camaraderie. The time has gone by so fast and and the great memories and friendships I have made will last a lifetime.


What are some key takeaways that you have gotten since joining the department:

We respond to help people on their worst days and being able to help those people has shown me how to treat and communicate with people in and out of the firehouse. The life skills I’ve acquired since joining the Fire Department have definitely helped me grow into a better person.