Fireman’s Field Project

About Fireman's Field

Fireman’s Field is located on Franklin Ave just past Ewing going towards Wyckoff. Back in September of 1924, the Packer and Zabriskie Families sold 5.18 acres to the Franklin Lakes Fire Department. Over the years, the Fire Department turned the property into a baseball field for the community to use. Later on, the department built a small 25′ x 30′ single story garage to house our 1926 Seagrave Firetruck. In late 2012, the Department purchased our 1943 “GI” which is also now housed there as well.

The Proposed Project

The current building needs to be replaced for a multitude of different reasons such as:

  • The existing building is over 60 years old
  • The building was originally designed and built for 1 truck
  • There is no climate control which has caused a mold problem inside
  • The walls are starting to crack and break, allowing for structural defects in the building.
  • Lack of fire protection
  • The roof is starting to rot and in need of replacement

The Fire Department is in the process of replacing the existing building with a brand new 50′ x 60′ 3 bay pole barn. This new building will allow for our Antique Firetrucks to be stored in a climate controlled building to allow them to stay in pristine condition.

The proposed building is will be constructed solely from donations. If you would like to donate, please head over to our donation page