Shovel Your Fire Hydrants
By Fire Chief
January 15, 2018

From the Fire Chief

Borough code ยง 373-15.2 requires that owners or lessees that have hydrants on their property clear snow from around the hydrants within a five-foot radius. If you have a contract for snow removal, please consider having your contractor clear the snow.

If you have physical limitations and, because of these limitations, are unable to clear the snow, you should see if friends or neighbors can help. If you cannot get assistance from friends or neighbors, you can contact the Fire Department for help by email at or by phone at 201-891-5736.

Fire hydrants in town have been identified with a hydrant stake. The hydrant stakes serve to mark the hydrant for first responders in the event of a true emergency and the hydrant is needed.

If the hydrant in front of your home or business does not have a flag stake on top that extends above the hydrant, please contact the Fire Department at (201) 891-5736.

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